Do you need a visa to work or perform in the United States, or an assistance with obtaining permanent residence based on your accomplishments?

We have experience in successfully helping artists practicing many forms of art: instrumental music, dance, opera, visual arts, graphic design, journalism, filmmaking, architecture, culinary arts, to name a few. Individual artists usually need an O-1B petition to work, perform or otherwise practice their art in the United States. Internationally recognized foreign artistic groups, as well as foreign artists coming to join world-renowned U.S.-based groups, might be eligible for P-1B visas. Culturally unique artists and performers can apply for P-3 visas.

Whether you are applying for  an “artist visa” to work or perform here temporarily, or EB-1 “extraordinary ability” permanent residence, we will help you every step of the way. We provide careful, personalized guidance and assistance in collecting evidence of your extraordinary ability, and then prepare a detailed support letter summarizing and explaining the nature of the client’s achievements and accolades for USCIS.

Also, if you are an impresario(a), an agent or a venue manager, we can assist you with obtaining O-1B, P-1B and P-3 visas for artists coming to the U.S. for a performance, tour or other limited time engagement.

To learn more about these and other services for artists, please visit our Knowledge Center or Schedule a Consultation to discuss your specific situation.

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