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Our firm was hired by a market researcher from Russia to help her obtain an O-1 Visa. We did an extensive research and filed the case on February 16, 2018 and received an approval in less than two weeks (on February 28th).

The important part about O-1 Extraordinary Ability Petitions is that not only you have to be qualified, there also has to be a right presentation. When we file each case we highlight the best works of the applicant, the greatest achievements, find everything that would help the case to be stronger.

This Marketing Specialist from Russia was one of the top Russian experts in the digital marketing and advertising ecosystem. A renowned scholar in Digital Marketing strategies and approaches, she has published multiple incisive research papers at the foremost professional conferences. 

Not only we used those materials published by her, we also included information on her previous employment to amplify her abilities. We collected the background information, comparative analysis of the market and summarized her accomplishments at the job to show how important her role in the company was. 

Additionally, we prepared a report with all the professional presentations demonstrating our client's outstanding abilities and exceptional achievements in digital market research.

Eventually, after we gathered all the evidence and research materials together, we submitted over 800 pages of exhibits supporting each statement made in the support letter. The result - happy client who is now working for a great U.S. company.
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