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Whether you’re a founder launching a startup in the United States, an American company employing international talent, or a foreigner who wants to work in the United States, we can help you obtain the legal status you need for yourself or your employees.
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Why work with us?

With our unique focus on work-related visa solutions, we have developed a proprietary set of questionnaires, templates and evidence gathering methodologies that are best suited for the specific categories of clients we work with: founders, tech startups, investors, or foreign artists. We combine these standardized techniques with personalized approach to each case.

For us, there is no such thing as a routine matter; each client gets our undivided attention.

Strategies are fully explained, concerns are addressed, and new developments in the case are communicated without delay—all of this for a predictable flat fee.

In our firm, you will find a trusted advisor, a reliable support and a source of information for the duration of your immigration process.

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Elizaveta (Lisa) Eisenberg, Esq.

Elizaveta (Lisa) Eisenberg, Esq., the Founder and Principal of Eisenberg Law Firm, is a seasoned immigration lawyer who has been practicing in the field of business, employment and investment-based immigration for over 12 years and developed a unique niche as an immigration lawyer for the technology and startup industries.

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Recent Successes

Our firm was hired by a market researcher from Russia to help her obtain an O-1 Visa.
We did an extensive research and filed the case on February 16, 2018 and received an approval in less than two weeks (on February 28th).
Our firm was hired by a market researcher from Russia to help her obtain an O-1 Visa.
We did an extensive research and filed the case on February 16, 2018 and received an approval in less than two weeks (on February 28th).
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How we do it?

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We will review all possible paths towards achieving your goal, identify potential issues and ways to overcome them, and develop the best immigration strategy for you.
Using our customized checklists, electronic tools and case-building methodologies, we will help you document your case most thoroughly and most effeliciently.
We will prepare all required documentation for the petition on your behalf including immigration forms, support letters and the evidence of your eligibility organized in the most easy-to-understand manner. We believe that the quality of preparation is the secret to our excellent success rates.
When your matter is approved, we offer ongoing support and guidance in ensuring compliance with complex immigration rules, planning next steps, and monitoring deadlines. You can count on us as long as you stay in the United States and need our services.

So, are you...


We started working with Lisa and the team in late 2014 and got a handful of work visas approved since: several O-1, L-1 and H-1B cases. We'll continue our work together as we grow as an international business.  Lisa's caring, cautious approach and attention to detail has been great help through the years and different cases. I recommend you talk to Lisa whether you need a work visa or a green card.
I was referred to Lisa by another entrepreneur who successfully got his O1 visa and recommended her services. We’ve started with an initial consultation that was super helpful to understand the extraordinary ability criteria for the visa and the overall viability of my case. Which lead to the process of preparing my case and gathering of all the supporting materials. I’m super satisfied with the services her team provided considering the fact I got my petition approved right away without any additional requests for evidence!

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Read our latest commentary on what is happening in U.S. immigration laws and the latest on our advocacy efforts towards a special visa for startups.

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