Are you planning to purchase a business in the United States, or to become a venture investor?
Or are you interested in obtaining permanent residence through the EB-5 program?

There are a few options for people investing in establishing or buying U.S. enterprises. For example, clients coming from countries that have relevant treaties with the United States may be eligible for a treaty investor visa E-2. For other clients, we often utilize a multinational manager/executive option (L-1A visa) or other alternative solutions. An O-1A visa may also be a solution for those who can satisfy its requirements. 

For venture investors—owners or employees of venture investment firms—we’ve utilized various work visas including O-1A, H-1B or E-2. To learn more about these and other options, as well as various paths to permanent residence, please visit our Knowledge Center or Schedule a Consultation to discuss your specific situation.

Large-scale foreign investors may be able to apply for permanent residence through the EB-5 “Employment Creation” program, either by making a direct investment in a specific enterprise, or by investing in one of Regional Centers approved by USCIS.

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